Thursday, January 7, 2010


The following is a dramatization of a couple, Gary and Patricia, getting ready for a date:

Patricia: I wonder what I should wear. If I wear something dressy, will he think that I am very materialistic, that I expect the finer things in life? If I wear something casual, will he think that I am not taking this date seriously enough? Maybe I should wear something somewhere in between so I could fit in no matter what. But then what if he wears a suit?

Gary: I think I'll change my socks.

Patricia: Ooooh. I hope he takes me to a place I like. I want to have a good time. Maybe we'll go to a nice restaurant or an arcade. I like arcades. What if he's really creative? Maybe he'll take me some place that I haven't been to yet. Yeah. that's where we'll go.

Gary (on the car ride over, on the phone with his friend): Where is it? How much does it cost?

Patricia (to her sister): Do I wear this skirt with the sweater or the blouse? How about my makeup? What color? Should I iron my hair? Do I take a purse? Heels or flats?

Gary: It's going to be cold. I think I'll take a jacket.

Patricia (to parents): He's coming at 7:00. You can talk to him for ten minutes max. I want to be able to be back by 11:00 so I can get to sleep on time tonight. I have work tomorrow and need to be on time.

Gary (to parents as he's walking out the door): I'm going on a date. See you later.

Patricia (when she sees Gary): Yes! I dressed like he did. Do I look alright? Do I have anything in my hair? Teeth? Stand straight. Look in his eyes. Can he hear my thoughts? Does he have ESP? Stop thinking so loudly!

Gary: She's cute. Let's go.

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