Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Frumness Measurement Scale for Guys

How frum are you?

After receiving this question (or ones similar to it) more often than I would like, I have decided to make this question have a uniformed answer, so that I could just give a number.

If you have ever been asked this question, or even asked yourself this question, now is the time to figure out the answer. Just answer the following questions, refer to the score sheet and PRESTO you will know how frum you are.

Please note: This is the test for guys; the girl's test till be available shortly.

1) How often do you learn?
a. more than 2 hours a day
b. 0-2 hours a day
c. 2-5 times a week
d. less than twice a week
e. I'm in Law School

2) Which of the following best describes your Tefilah habits.
a. three times a day, with a minyan
b. three times a day, with or without a minyan
c. I daven most of the time
d. I daven sometimes
e. Who's Tefilah? Can I get her number?

3) Which of the following best describes your style of dress (outside work)?
a. black and white
b. dress pants and a button down shirt
c. khakis and a polo
d. Jeans and a t-shirt
e. PJs; unless I'm at a club

4) How long is your shemona esrei?
a. over 7 minutes
b. 5-7 minutes
c. 3-5 minutes
d. 1-3 minutes
e. I don't make it to shul in time.

5) Who makes up you friend list?
a. only guys
b. guys and their wives
c. mostly guys, but a few girls now and then
d. guys and girls mixed together
e. only girls

6) Where do you like to hang out with your friends?
a. in the basement of my Yeshiva
b. at my parents house/friends' parents' house
c. anywhere that is away from the neighborhood in which i live
d. at the movies
e. wherever there are girls

7) Who sets/set you up on dates?
a. shadchan only
b. shadchan/friends
c. friends/jdate
d. I find my own girls/I haven't had much luck yet
e. I go to a bar and find the cutest girl there.

8) Which of the following best describes your tv/movie watching?
a. No TV. No movies. Period.
b. I watch a little here and there (mostly on hulu), but never in the theaters.
c. I don't watch much because I don't like the time wasting. It's not a religious thing.
d. I'll watch whenever I want to. I don't restrict myself.
e. I try to watch the most inappropriate shows possible; the dirtier the better.

9) Which of the following best describes a first date?
a. airport/hotel lounge
b. Barnes and Noble/Starbucks
c. dinner at a nice restaurant
d. a movie
a. a bar/wake up the next morning remembering nothing

10) Which of the following best describes your musical tastes?
a. Shwekey and Lipa
b. mostly Jewish music, but I do have my 2 or 3 bands in the secular world
c. I listen to what sounds good; religion plays no part in it.
e. whatever the club is playing at 2:00 am

OK, now that you've answered these questions, here's how the scoring works:
take 5 points for every time you answered "a."
4 points for every "b"
3 points for every "c"
2 for "d"
1 for "e"

Add them up. This is your Frumness Quotient (or FQ). Post your total below. Since this all has to be done subjectively, I will place the results of the research on a later date. Once enough people have taken this quiz, I will know what the scale is. So send this quiz to as many people as possible to make the research more accurate.

I hope this has answered every question you have ever wanted to know about a guy's "frumness."


  1. You're making me work too hard, I think my FQ is 31, what's yours?

  2. Ha! My FQ is 33. I guess I'm frummer than you are!

  3. I hope to god this whole post is coming with a giant sarcmark.
    P.S, 28.

  4. Interesting responses, although I think some could have been better worried/had other options - 42.

  5. This is absolutely rediculous.


  6. My brother took it and got a 34! He's frummer than I am!

  7. 42. OY! i can't be soivel the fact i got so low. should have been a 47 le-phachos.

  8. Harry-er- frankly, I am a little disappointed.

  9. (on a side note: the girls scale. shouldn't it be that the frummer they are the less they daven/go to shul?)

  10. Hmmm... Maybe.

    Or maybe it should be on a hyperbole scale.

  11. I found the answers very limiting. Had to squeeze in some half-points. Fun, though.