Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's Wrong with Learning?

I hate guys who went to college. They are never sure what they want to do with their lives. They spend all that time taking classes, working towards a degree, trying to make a living for himself and having a plan hopefully involving something he enjoys. It's just such a waste of time. So many of them don't end up knowing what to do with themselves once they're done. They just sit around wondering what to do and all they have is whatever worthless degree they got in college. Why would any girl want to look for someone like that?

As little sense as this makes, I have heard so much of this regarding guys (friends of mine) in Yeshiva. I was recently speaking to someone about a friend of mine learning in Yeshiva who was recently married.

"He was able to fit into that family because he's not like most Yeshiva guys," she claimed.

"How is that?" I asked

"He has a plan. He knows what to do after he's done in Yeshiva."

After a little more prodding, I understood what she was saying. Most Yeshiva guys do not know how to handle themselves in the "real world." Guys who learn (excluding those going for S'micha) are wasting their time, they don't have any clue how to handle themselves in public and at best get a "worthless" degree from some fourth rate college.

"What are you basing this on?" I asked.

"On all Yeshiva guys," was the response.

"You don't know any Yeshiva guys," I pointed out.

"But you know what I mean."

I don't. I wish she would have explained it to me. Is this what people think? Why do people associate guys learning in Yeshiva with laziness? I know that I couldn't sit in a Yeshiva for three sedarim a day, five days a week. That's a longer schedule than any guy in college ever had. Throw in the college courses that Yeshivas allow the guys to take twice a week at night and all the homework that goes along with it, and the question then becomes when do they have enough time to date?

Often times, Yeshiva guys have a much more difficult schedule than guys who went to college. they often have a plan that guys who went to a first rate school could only dream of. There are plenty of college guys who haven't a clue what to do with themselves. They sit at home, waiting for a job. They go back to school until they find a degree they like. No one can claim that they have the perfect solution of how to handle life, but to openly rip something which you have no idea about is just wrong.

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