Friday, January 8, 2010

Re: An Easy Way to Make Some Cash

I'm new to this blog world, and therefore I don't know if it's proper protocol to attack another blogger yet, but I saw something today that greatly disturbed me. A co-worker sent me a link that has been going around the internet. It is here.

That's right. Someone is actually selling the opportunity to have her wear tznius clothing for a week. When I first saw this, I had immediate thoughts of others attempting to sell ridiculous things on ebay. However, I realized soon that this was much different. This was an attack. It was a "cheep" way of attacking the right wing community. If you don't believe me, here's a link to the blog that pretty much explains her motivations.

She wants to prove a point (duh). This point is that if tznius is so important to people, they would clearly be willing to pay for the chance to have another person fulfill the halacha. However, if it's not that important, they won't be willing to fork over the cash to fit the $300 bill that she is asking for. Seems fair.

Until you read the comments. She was clearly not expecting people to pay for this and is now actually making fun of someone for actually trying to put together the funds to pay the asking price. I don't get it. If the whole experiment was to see whether or not people cared to pay for the keeping of this particular halacha, and someone is actually trying to do it, poking fun at these people just seems like a sore loser way of turning this into a win-win for herself. Either they don't pay and be considered hypocrites or they pay for it and get roasted for wasting their money. There is nothing they can do to be considered correct. They automatically loose.

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