Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So I Won't Talk About it Anymore

One thing about girls always perplexed me.* Why do they want to talk about dating if they are just going to complain about how they don't ever go out on them? Or go on normal ones? I always feel bad about discussing these things with girls.

When I share a recent story about a girl I went out with, girls will listen to it and respond with some sarcastic remark. Example:

Me: ...and so I told the shadchan that I had a great time, but I wasn't really interested girls who run over cats with their cars for sport.**

Girl 1: That's so funny, but at least you have dates.

Girl 2: Yeah, I don't even get to experience those things.

You're telling me that you would rather spend the time, effort and emotional stress (not to mention the money) that I have to invest so you can be repeatedly disappointed by people that you won't likely run into again? Is it better to have to make the time to do this, only to be let down in the end?

Additionally, why did YOU, not I, YOU bring it up to begin with? YOU asked me what happened on a date! YOU asked me to share funny stories! Now YOU are making me feel bad for actually going on a date! What is this? Is this the gender I'm dating? Is there a third gender that's available?***

If this is the case, I will just ignore the question from now on. I will not bring it up (not that I have until now), nor will I respond to questions regarding it, if I am constantly being criticized for having answers.

*This is a lie. Just go with it.
**This hasn't actually happened.
***Insert YU joke here.

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