Friday, February 12, 2010

Can We Leave Yet?

6:26 Arrive in class in time to get the seat that I like- back row and to the left of the teacher
6:28 Have all of my notes and writing utensils ready to go
6:30 Last of the on-time students file in and take their seats
6:32 No sign of the professor; students begin to take out work from other classes
6:37 Students begin to get excited; "the question" enters everyone's mind
6:38 Some guy mentions that "the question" has entered everyone's mind
6:39 Students forget they have any work to do and begin idle chatter
6:40 One girl asks if anyone knows what time we would be allowed to leave
6:41 Countdown is on
6:44 Students make a pact that they will leave if everyone leaves
6:45 Students begin to file out
6:47 Everyone has left but three students
6:50 Those students leave, too
7:15 Get home to find email saying that class was canceled tonight- sent at 1:32 pm

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