Sunday, February 7, 2010

Get with the Program, My Generation

We always make fun of older people not being able to relate to things we have now. A classic example of this is how far along the way music is played has come. Whether it be CDs, the iPod, or now even the iPad, music advances with every generation. My father won't listen to the music I listen to, just like his father won't listen to my father's music and I won't listen to my eventual son's eventual music. Why?

Well, for the most part, we like what we are used to. For a society that is based on advancing technology and better ways of doing things, we tend to complain when we are introduced to something that we deem to be more complicated when all we would have to do is take the time to learn how to use the technology and see how much better it is. This is why many people are still using Windows XP. People don't like change. It's just a fact.

However, I was under the impression that this was only when it came to people much older than I am. For instance, a person I know who is well into middle age refuses to learn how to operate a computer because "what for?" Someone I know who is considered to be a senior citizen still can't get a handle on a CD player and longs for the days of cassettes. This impression is not true anymore. It is reaching people of my generation.

I know this because of facebook. How? Because I read people's statuses and I hear them complaining:

"Another change, facebook? Why!"

"Why must facebook make it so difficult for me to like it?"

(and my personal favorite) "I had just gotten used to the old format."

Wake up people. You constantly complain about the older generation "not getting it." I have news for you. YOU ARE THEM! Stop complaining about changes in technology. Upgrade to Windows 7. Embrace the new facebook. Try the iPad out. There are multimillion dollar studies done to see if the public will go for these things. They will. You will be left in the dust. Get with the program now because you are aging faster than you think.


  1. I am proud to say I posted right away that I love new facebook!

  2. i found your blog through your post about dating from a guy's perspective- so true about facebook, i was thinking the same thing. what's the big deal, just figure out the new format.

  3. Simmy- Rock on!

    Shani- Thanks for your comments. It's so true. Just take the 5 minutes out of tour week to learn it. I just encountered the same problem with Microsoft Office 2007. It has many great features that the last one didn't have. People don't like it. IT MAKES A BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR YOU!!! Once people know this, they learn it.