Monday, February 1, 2010

My Current Dilemma

Whenever I enter a class for the first time in a semester, I first try to figure out what type of class it is. Is it one where I will be doing a lot of self-studying? Will I have to attend every class? How much does attendance count? I do this to see the minimum effort I have to put in in order to get an A.

This does not make me lazy, Woman Shaking Her Head In Discuss At The Way The Younger Generation Turned Out. This makes me practical. I want to do well. I just want to conserve as much energy as possible while doing it. There is no reason to go above and beyond the call of an A.

This gets me back to my dilemma. I have entered a class where I have a choice. I can either attend the classes, pay attention and take notes and come away with the A, or I can read the book at home and come in for the tests. The professor cares not, as long as I am there for the tests.

Here are the issues:
1) I am not a good independent- studier. I hate reading text books.
2) Staying at home and reading the book will save me approximately three hours a week.
3) I fear dolphins.

Ok, so only the first two are issues pertaining to my dilemma, but the third one is an issue that i have to deal with, so it is an issue. But you should ignore it.


  1. If you're sure you can pass without going to the class, go for it. Just make sure to force yourself to read the books. Personally I learn much better by myself, I did almost all of high school that way and it was so much better than regular classes.

  2. I wish I could do that for some of my easier classes, but missing classes hurts your grade so I can't. It's kind of annoying to have to sit through some really boring easy classes, while my hardest class is an independent study.

    You should consider how hard the material will be for you to learn by yourself and whether or not you see yourself actually taking time to learn it. Based on the issues, it sounds like it would be easier for you to just go to class, but I know how tempting it is to skip.