Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OK, Now it has Gone too Far

It's no secret amongst my friends that I hate texting. It is only good for a situation that requires a maximum of one text per side. One person asks a question, the other responds. That's it. For any other situation, make a call. A back and forth conversation of six texts per side could have been handled in a twenty second phone conversation.

Having said this, I am proud to announce that I have added a new reason to hate texting. It is due to its use in the shidduch field. I am of course referring to a text I received fairly recently, which I will quote as soon as I can get the phone out of my pocket...there:

"Are you single?"

This was followed the next day by:

"I gotta girl for you" (Why are there two t's in gotta?)

Both of these texts were ignored. Why? Well aside from the fact that I usually ignore texts that will require a long conversation, this one was completely thoughtless. There is no response I could have given that would not have turned into a longer conversation.

If I answered "yes," then the conversation would have been all about this girl and why she's good for me, etc. If I answered "no," then I go into a conversation about the girl I am currently dating and "if I'm at any point not busy, I should let him know." So I thought I'd outsmart him by responding to his third text with "leave me alone."

This worked like a charm. He stopped bothering me, he stopped asking me questions and most importantly he stopped texting me. Of course, if you believe this, you have the IQ of a soup crouton. This sparked a ruckus which I cannot describe in words (although I must say that he did an outstanding job of doing so quite colorfully). I had apparently offended him, but I didn't care because he offended me by trying to set me up via text.

I'm not against communicating by text messaging. There is a time and a place for it. The only reason one might have for texting as opposed to talking is because they don't want to have an actual long, physical conversation with another person. If this was the case here, I don't think I want to be set up by a guy who doesn't want to talk to me.

Like I said before, texting has a time and a place. Sidduchim is not one of them.


  1. Why are there two t's in gotta?

    Because if you're going to turn "got a" into one word, you still have to make sure the "o" has a short vowel sound. Therefore, you have to double the consonant after the "o" (this being the "t"). Otherwise, the word would be "gota" - pronounced "go-tah."

    ...I can't believe I actually answered that question.

    (By the way...there probably would have been a nicer way to let the guy know you didn't really want to be texted...)

  2. Erachet- This guy is one of my close friends. He KNOWS I hate receiving texts. This was the last straw. I can't believe I forgot to mention that.

  3. As I'm reading, I can't help wondering if that girl he had for you....if you just gave up something good. Am I the only one? lol

  4. By saying "Leave me alone," you were saying that you are not interested or an impolite jerk (I am making no judgements). Your friend was offended, not amused, so asume something was mis-said. I also think texting, in general, is a crass pasttime, but you misaddressed the issue. If you had texted back, "Dude, can you call me?" I think that would have made your point quite clear.

  5. Mystery Woman- That girl has not yet been given up on.

    English Major- I refer you to my previous comment. He is one of my closest friends. He knows I hate texting and he chooses to do it anyway.

  6. Is he then, really, a TRUE friend?

    Would a close friend harrass you via the medium you so depise?

    My point also being that "Leave me alone" has very broad connotations, and if he's clueless enough to text you when you have made your loathing clear, then he is definitely clueless anough to take the "Leave me alone" bit literally, not textually.

  7. Dude, I just noticed this, but you've got the same exact template as Shades of Grey. And he was first. Seriously man.

    (Sorry it's got nothing to do with the post!)

  8. I have a friend who hates texting and for the same reason - but it's not really true. He only hates the fact that he doesn't have unlimited texting like I do and we use up his texts with our "pointless" stuff. If he had unlimited he would be the same as the rest of us.

    Jughead's Hat - Do you have unlimited, or are you a sour apple also?

  9. That's very hypocritical of your friend. I have the option of getting unlimited texts, but I don't want to give my friends any excuses for sending the pointless ones that I oh, so hate.