Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At Least We're not Cleveland

OK. I was going over this list and trying to see what New York sports went through just for some comparison. There is none. Cleveland fans have by far and away seem to be more pitiful than New York fans, but here's a list anyway:

1939: Lou Gehrig diagnosed with his own disease
1940: Ranger's management burns the mortgage of Madison Square Garden in the Stanley Cup, sparking a 54-year long curse
1952: Wilt Chamberlain drops 100 points on the Knicks
1957: Giants and Dodgers move to California
1962: Mets finish 40-120, the most losses in the modern-day game.
1971: Mets trade Nolan Ryan to the California Angels for Jim Fergosi
1972: Billy Martin and the "Bronx Zoo"
1976: Nets sell Dr. J to 76ers for $3 million
1977: Mets trade Tom Seaver for trivia questions
1978: Miracle at the Meadow Lands
1979: Thurman Munson clips a tree with the wing of his plane
1981: George Steinbrenner benches Reggie Jackson in the World Series. The Yankees loose the series and Jackson.
1985: George Steinbrenner insults Dave Winfield and Ken Griffey in the same sentence; Winfield enters the Hall of fame as a Padre, Ken Griffey Jr. promisses to never sign with the Yanks
1993: Anthony Young highlights the Mets' season by setting the consecutive game loosing streak
1994: Rich Kotite
1995: The Ewing finger roll
1999: Knicks pass on hometown star Ron Artest in favor of poster-boy, Frederic Weis
2000: Giants forget that the Superbowl is, in fact, a game and forget to come
2000: Clemens vs. Piazza
2002: Latrell Spreewell forgets to tell the Knicks that he broke his hand punching a wall on his yacht
2003: Karim Garcia and Jeff Nelson vs. Fenway Groundskeeper
2003: Knicks sign Isiah Thomas following his stellar job running the CBA and the Pacers
2004: Mets Trade Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano
2004: Yankees up 3-0 in ALCS, loose to Red Sox in 7; Sox go on to break 84 year old curse
2006: Tiki Barber vs. Eli manning and Jeremy Shockey vs. Tom Coughlin
2006: Islanders sign Rick DiPietro to a 15 year deal, forgetting that hockey is a contact sport
2006: Yadier Molina
2006: Cory Lidle flies his plane into an apartment building
2007: Mets Collapse
2007: Spygate
2008: Mets Collapse II
2008: Brett Favre
2009: Mets' payroll exceeds $143 million, finish the season 70-92
2010: Nets start the season 0-18, currently 4-47.

Tragic Deaths: Therman Munson, Loe Gehrig, Cory Lidle

I'd like to hear about other town's sports misery. Tell me about it. It'll make me feel better.


  1. i sort of understand but i have to take in account that new york has a lot more teams than any other city. so obviously they will have more hardships