Thursday, February 18, 2010

People in the Young Israel/Yigdal Spotter

As a Gabbai, I have begun to notice that many shuls tend to have the same types of people in them. More often than not, these people will be in a Young Israel or a Young-Israel-type shul. After much deliberation with myself, I have decided that Thursdays on this blog will be devoted to people in the Young Israel.

How do you know if your shul is a Young Israel? Well, unlike one may think, it actually has nothing to do with the name of the shul. I have been to many shuls that I would consider to be Young Israels despite not having the words "Young Israel in the title. Likewise, I have been to certain shuls called "Young Israel of ______" that don't classify as Young Israels. The way to tell if a certain shul is a Young Israel is by seeing if your shul contains many of the people mentioned here.

Today's person is (as the title suggests) the Yigdal Spotter.

For those of you fortunate enough to be in shul on a Friday night to hear Yigdal (assuming your shul sings Yigdal), you will be serenaded by boy aged 9-12 who may or may not know how to sing. What you also may be aware of is the person standing next to him. This can be a middle aged man, a boy who has recently reached bar-mitzvah age and had to retire or even the gabbai. He does nothing but stand next to the young chazan.

I have no theories as to why someone like this needs to exist. If someone can offer light on the situation, please let me know. It's just something I've noticed in more than one Young Israel.

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