Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rabbi Heckler

The Rabbi Heckler is a staple of every Young Israel . There is always one guy who has to pick out the one thing in the Rabbi's speach that disagrees with something he has always known to be true (although he has no reliable source to back it up). He must speak up (usually in front of the entire congragation) and make it known that he knows a thing ar two about this particular topic.

The Rabbi will often answer him by telling the RH to speak with him privately, so as not to embarrass him publically. There are Rabbi Hecklers who go over to the Rabbi privately by themselves. They generally save their burning questions for when the Rabbi is done with his sermon. These are more difficult to spot, particularly due to their timing. The only time they are known to others is when those others have a shayla they need to ask the Rav and have to stand beside the RH until he is done with his ramblings.


  1. Relevant to the sidebar, not the post: aren't "a" and "I" the shortest palindromes in the English language?

  2. I don't daven at a Young Israel but my shul has several Rabbi Hecklers. The best is when they continue heckling after the Rav tells them to talk to him in private, occasionally the Rav will unload on them and show how stupid the question was. Usually that shuts them up until the next speech when they come right back.

  3. FrumJew- point take. I'll have to find a way to fix it.

    BJG- yeah, not all of these will be limited to Young Israels. But Rabbi's in Young Israels can never unload on a congregant. It will always end up bad for the Rabbi.