Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Scouter

Over Shabbos, I attended a function. I can't tell you what exactly, but let it be known that there were many people in a fairly closed environment. As is the case with any of these events, there was the mandatory middle-aged woman (Scouter) checking out the field of potential single guys for any single girls they might know. Being that this was an event that included mostly guys, it was easy to pick out the Scouter.

I was there with my friend, K-Vis, who has many good qualities about him, two important ones for this context are a good voice and a good direction in life. As I observed the Scouter begin her search, I immediately knew she would be coming after us and I was right. It was then that I made the bold decision to not get involved in the conversation.

"So," began the Scouter. "What do you boys do?"

We replied with our schooling and field of work.

"Very nice," she continued. "And you-" she gestured towards K-Vis. "Such a beautiful voice."

"Thank you," replied K-Vis, getting ready to feel uncomfortable.

"So, are you dating?"

"Yes, but I'm busy," replied K-Vis, figuring that was the best way to get out of the conversation (also because it was true). It wasn't the best way. The Scouter began her prying but K-Vis wasn't giving in, and when she was satisfied that she wasn't getting any more information, she turned to me.

"And are you dating?"


And that was it. No "you're not ready?" No "let me know what you may be looking for in the future." That was it. I was proud of myself. Champion of the night. Now I didn't have to worry about this Scouter and was free to set my mind to how to deal with the next one.

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