Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Review

Dear NFL, thank you.

Thank you for a very solid Superbowl
Thank you for the game
Thank you for the Colts
Thank you for the Saints
For Peyton Manning
For Drew Brees
Thank you for the Who
For "Who Are You?"
For "Baba Oreilly"
For "Won't get Fooled Again"
Thank you for the referees
For Jim Nantz and Phil Simms
For not mentioning Kim Kardashian and Archie Manning more than once.
Thank you for the story lines
For the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina and the city on New Orleans
For the two players from Haiti (Pierre Garcon and Jonathan Vilma)
Thank you for the commercials
For Bud Light
For Etrade
For Dave, Oprah and Jay
For Barney
For Doritos
For Bridgestone
For Intel
For Punxsutawny Polamalu
Thank you for keeping them (for the most part) clean
(we could have done without all the underwear and the hot tubs)
Thank you for a compelling game
Not the greatest game ever
But fun to watch
Thank you for an interception
For the on-sides kick
For the best instant replay in history
For a one-handed sack
Thank you for ending before 10:00 pm
(Listen up baseball)
Thank you for being the best spectator event in the world.

1 comment:

  1. I actually thought it was a pretty boring Superbowl. The game itself was good but the commercials and halftime show were not as funny or as good as past years. The fact that the game was on CBS also meant no good show after the game, last year when it was on NBC they had one of the funniest episodes of The Office ever right after the game.