Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aaaah, the Things We Learn

I have picked up quite a few things from girls I've dated. I'm not talking about habits like knuckle-cracking or nail-biting, but there were a few things that girls have pointed out to me that I have adapted and even use as my own.

There is one main reason for this to happen. I believe that I take these things on to have one more thing in common with the girl. However, it ends up turning out that I like the thing(s) that I picked up. So I keep it going. It turns out that there is a reason that people like these things.

Here is a brief but complete list of ideas and hobbies that I have undertook thanks to girls with whom I have gone out:

Flight of the Conchords- A girl introduced me to this comedy group and I was hooked for about six months. Then I got bored.

Hilarious vs. Hysterical- A girl introduced me to the idea that people tend to only say one or the other when referring to a humorous story. It is quite rare if you use both.

Guitar Hero- As I've mentioned before in a post that I didn't care to go find, I girl kicked my rear in Guitar Hero, so I learned how to play the game. On a more recent date, I played it again. And lost again, but by less.

Pandora Internet Radio
- I did not know about this until a girl introduced me to it. Now, I can't function without it.

List Keeping- Every night before bed, I make a list of things I need to do the next day. They don't always all get done, but just having a list to keep my mind heading in the right direction helps a lot.

Blogging- Yup, I blog because of a girl. While there are a number of girls I've dated who blog (no, it's not you), the one who actually got me into it was one who only read blogs (and commented here and there). I dated her for a little while and thought that it would be interesting if in the future I could get her to unknowingly read my blog. Even after we broke up, I kept it going.

Phone Call Laundry- A girl once told me that while talking to a guy on the phone, she folds laundry to have something mindless to do while having a conversation. I started doing this and it really helped with the phone talk (something I otherwise find quite difficult).

This is everything I am aware of. There may be more. I'll add them in if I figure any more out. Am I in the minority? Do other people pick anything up from their dates (with or without realizing)?


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  2. I also thank the person who started me on pandora, its awesome!!

  3. I've never picked up any habits from the guys I dated- I wonder what that says about them...

    BJG: West Side Story is amazing, I hope you enjoy it! If you have a chance you should see it on Broadway as well.

  4. You're not the only one. I learn something from every guy I date--an interesting fact, a new way to do things, a new interest. At one point, I was even writing down something I learned after every date. That way, no matter how the relationship worked out (or didn't ) I had proof that I had gained something from the experience.

  5. Hmmmmm...I guess I got some basketball practice in D&B's :)

  6. Pandora is fanstastic. I discovered it around two years ago and it's one of my favorite things about the internet.

  7. SJ, Smart Blondie- I understand that you may have picked up a few ideas here and there which you found to make sense, or are things you now appreciate because a guy pointed them out to you, but the things I have listed are quite prominent things in my life. They are things I do or quote all the time.

    BJG- I don't think West Side story would count in this case, but musical tastes definitely would. I forgot to mention that in my original post. I listened to certain bands that I am now somewhat a fan of due to being hit over the head with them by certain girls.

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  9. I'm sorry, BJG. Musicals do count. So do those catch phrases.