Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There are many phrases people have used to describe a girl to me. Most of them tell me nothing and the rest no longer have any meaning. Here is a list of the most unuseful and annoying phrases I have seen:

down to earth
friendly and outgoing
wants/doesn't want a TV

Here are a bunch of ideas that would be more helpful. Granted, some of these are better off beingdiscovered through actually dating, but all are definitely morevaluable than the stuff on the previous list.

has goals
-and what they might be (optional)
honest (with herself and others)
can joke around
sarcasm level (jk-or am I?)

Please let me know if I am leaving anything out.


  1. What's wrong with the TV one? It's very important to most.

  2. down to earth =? realistic
    friendly and outgoing =? social


  3. My most hated one of all: "fine."

    Also, proposing new ones won't help anyway, because after a little while they too will cease to have any real meaning, just like the current set of generic descriptives.

  4. They're almost all dumb. Best thing to do is go out and see for yourself.

    Most of the descriptions people would have used to describe Serach in 2003 would have been things I'd have said "not my speed" to. Good thing I didn't ask.

  5. Hersh- The TV thing barely has any meaning to me. I couldn't care less one way or another and I tell people that. It'll be something to discuss later on, but it's not a tremendous issue for me.

    thinking out loud- Down to earth is absolutely not realistic. one could be down to earth when it comes to being easy to talk to, but realistic in his or her future aspirations. I could explain why friendly and outgoing is not social, but right now I don't have the time or the patients.

    Frum Jew- "Fine" is an excellent one. I am proposing new ones not only because the old ones don't tell me anything, but also because the new ones tell me more things that I consider to be important.

    Anon- Intellectual is a word that I hate for one major reason (which I will save for another post- maybe). I will not group it together with these phrases.

    Ezzie- Somehow I knew you'd say that.

  6. The second list seems just as bad ad the first one.

    What does motivated mean? By what, for what? Who would admit to not being "motivated"? The same with realistic, honest, can joke around. Social isn't too helpful either.

    I think the TV one is actually pretty useful. It gives you a range. It doesn't tell you a lot, but it's a fact that can be used. Either somebody wants a TV, or they don't. I suppose someone could not know, but there's nowhere near the level of uncertainty with someone described as a smart, funny, pretty motivated, down-to-earth, social person that can joke around.