Monday, March 15, 2010

The Frumness Measurement Scale for Girls

How frum are you?

Well, If you're a guy and you've been reading this blog, you already know. Girls, now it's finally your turn.

So again, if you have ever been asked this question, or even asked yourself this question, now is the time to figure out the answer. Just answer the following questions, refer to the score sheet and PRESTO you will know how frum you are.

Please note: This is the test for girls; for the guy's quiz, click here.

1) Where do/did you go to college?
a. College is a place not befitting a good, frum, Jewish girl
b. Touro
c. State/City College
d. Stern
e. Ivy League

2) Which of the following best describes your Tefilah habits?
a. three times a day, at set times
b. three times a day, when I find the time
c. I daven most of the time
d. I daven sometimes
e. I'm a girl. I don't have to daven.

3) Which of the following best describes your shirt collar?
a. collars. period.
b. Collars aren't necessary, by everything is covered way up to my neck.
c. I cover the collar bone.
d. I don't go too far, but covering the collar is not a priority.
e. whatever won't get me arrested

4) How long is your shemona esrei?
a. over 7 minutes
b. 5-7 minutes
c. 3-5 minutes
d. 1-3 minutes
e. Stop asking davening questions. I'm a girl. Get that through your head.

5) Who makes up you friend list?
a. only girls
b. girls and their husbands
c. mostly girls, but a few guys now and then
d. guys and girls mixed together
e. only guys

6) With which of the following footwear do you most associate yourself?
a. black flats
b. any flats
c. anything cute, but not too flashy
d. Uggs
e. flip-flops

7) Who sets/set you up on dates?
a. shadchan only
b. shadchan/friends
c. friends/jdate
d. I wait for a guy to find me/find one for myself.
e. Hang out by a bar and wait.

8) Which of the following best describes your tv/movie watching?
a. No TV. No movies. Period.
b. I watch a little here and there (mostly on hulu), but never in the theaters.
c. I don't watch much because I don't like the time wasting. It's not a religious thing.
d. I'll watch whenever I want to. I don't restrict myself.
e. I try to watch the most inappropriate shows possible; the dirtier the better.

9) Which of the following best describes a first date?
a. airport/hotel lounge
b. Barnes and Noble/Starbucks
c. dinner at a nice restaurant
d. a movie
a. a bar/wake up the next morning remembering nothing

10) Which of the following best describes your musical tastes?
a. Shwekey and Lipa
b. mostly Jewish music, but I do have my 2 or 3 bands in the secular world
c. I listen to what sounds good; religion plays no part in it.
e. whatever the club is playing at 2:00 am

OK, now that you've answered these questions, here's how the scoring works:
take 5 points for every time you answered "a."
4 points for every "b"
3 points for every "c"
2 for "d"
1 for "e"

Add them up. This is your Frumness Quotient (or FQ). Post your total below. Since this all has to be done subjectively, I will place the results of the research on a later date. Once enough people have taken this quiz, I will know what the scale is. So send this quiz to as many people as possible to make the research more accurate.

I hope this has answered every question you have ever wanted to know about a girl's "frumness."


  1. This was actually very insightful. I'm a 38.


  2. About a 30...some were in between...

  3. My sister took the quiz and got a 21.

  4. Since you love saying "I knew you'd say something like that", let me just say:

    I fail to see what most of these have to do with being more or less "frum".

  5. I will place the results of the research on a later date


    Ezzie - Silly. Most of them don't. That's the whole point. (At least, the point the way I see it.)

  6. 32- give or take a few points ( I had duplicate answers for some questions). Does a 50/50 mean you're a good jew, or frummed out? Does a 25 mean someone is "normal" or "modern"? I'd like to know how any of this really reflects how frum you are.

  7. I can't give any definite answers yet. I am beginning to believe that I will treat it like a test. If you get below a 32.5, you fail at being frum. A forty-five gets you a 80% frum rate, etc. I'm not sure yet.

  8. First of all: really, Stern is the second-to-krummest thing possible for a girl? I'm not too thrilled about that. It's a good thing that wasn't on the guy Frumness Quotient test; I would've gone way down (from 42).

    Second: are you planning on starting a matchmaking service with this? You know, matching up couples with similar numbers (maybe after some kind of adjustment, if necessary)? :)

  9. Frum Jew: Get back to me later on in the week to see if I agree with that idea.

  10. Wait, I was kidding... I can't tell if you are or not.

  11. FrumJew: I was the only religious person in my college, yet I would probably rate myself above most Stern girls...

  12. NYC Girl, how many Stern girls have you actually met? Keep in mind, there is a very diverse student body at YU and Stern. The top level of both (which both represent a very sizable percentage of the institution as a whole) contain some very fine and religious individuals (hey, I got a 42! ;) ).

  13. ok so i got a 41 but you cant really judge others/yourself by these types of quiz's but it is a good idea (and funny) to set people up by who scored in the same range for the guys version...

  14. I got a 33. Interesting quiz. Can't wait to see the results.

  15. FrumJew-I know quite a few Stern girls, and yes some are very frum, but you just proved my point. If there is such a diverse student body, how is that question indicative of how frum someone is?

  16. how is that question indicative of how frum someone is?

    My point exactly: it's not - which is why I think it's "unfair" to get a "penalty" on the frumkeit quiz for being in Stern.

  17. just kidding 44. wow that was dumb.