Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keep Your Friends Closer

One of the strongest beliefs that my mother has is that the best thing a person can have in life is family. Despite how much you anger another member of your family, there is always the possibility of making up. It's not like that with any other group of people. Bridges are constantly being burned, whether its friendship, business or otherwise.

In principle, I agree with this idea. Family is a great thing to have to fall back on. There is always someone to be there for you. I am blessed in this area. There is always someone there for me. However, I am also blessed in another area.


I know that at any point I can ask my friends for something and one of them will be there to lend a hand. If I ever need to talk to someone outside my family, I have a plethora of people that I can bother. So in this regard, I don't agree with my mother, and I hope I never will.

One of my close friends relayed a piece of information about his father and his two closest friends. There is a mutual understanding between the three of them that has never been spoken, but is known. If there is a point when any of them needs one another, regardless of availability, they will stop whatever it is they are doing and simply be with the other one. Just to be with him.

Oh, did I mention that the three friends live in different time zones?

That's the kind of relationship I strive for. I have close friends now, but I want the kind where no matter what; no matter when; no matter why I can depend on that friend. I may have this now and not even know it. I don't know. I really hope I never have to find out.

This is not a post to disagree with my mom. I don't need a blog for that. I will eventually have an appreciation post for my parents. This one is for my friends.

Thank you.

Thank you for putting up with me. My idiosyncrasies. My Rabbi-like sense of humor. My immaturity. My moments of depression. My instances of mania. My insensitivity. My senselessness. My self-deprecation. My constant need for attention (yes, I think I have that). All of the other moronic things I do.

It's because of the way that you act towards me that I am able to deal with the real jerks in the world. Just knowing that there are nice people out there gives me a little reassurance.

I hope that I am as close a friend to you as you are to me.


  1. I really hope you never have to find out either...it probably takes years (and marriage) to know who will stick with you through it all. That doesn't mean today's friends aren't to be appreciated; they're great for today...and hopefully for tomorrow...and the next day...

  2. It's easier to put up with you when viewing you as entertainment. :D

    (just kidding)

    FWIW, where I come from, anything less than that isn't really friendship. On the other hand, anything less than that isn't really family, either.

  3. Great post.

    I've never had many friends, and I'm at the point where I don't have a single real friend. That being said, I'd move mountains for the people I care about. This includes family, first and foremost. But then also just about anyone else in this world. If you're one of god's creations, I think it's my duty to be there for you and help you in any way i can.

  4. Friends sometimes fall into the category of family. When I have friends the way you described, they are part of my family.

  5. Ezzie- I think you'd be a little surprised to know that not every friend that you had where you come from would jump on a plane as soon as they know you're in need and fly to wherever you are. And even if they did, you might not feel so comfortable to ask them.

    tech- If you say that, you may have more real friends than you realize.

    Erachet- That may be true, but there is definitely a clear distinction.

  6. I would jump on a plane for you, After all you help me out in my fake moments of depression.

  7. JH - Every one that is still my friend would if I needed.

  8. J.J.- Let me just say that you are an exceptional person. I know I said I'd post a long time ago... I haven't really had the opportunity (and maybe guts) to do so til now... Besides for the crazy and hilarious (not to be mistaken with hysterical) entertainment of your posts, you also create a fantastic head-space; a wonderful balance of light-hearted observations and profound concepts which provoke thought, laughter, depth and, on my part, growth. Keep it up, man. Thanks. Your friend (?) ~SarKasm ona sTik ;)

  9. This post is very interesting coming from the guy who knows everyone. And I do mean everyone.
    Even so, you choose quality over quantity. Many people don't have many friends anyway, so this choice is by default. Not so with with you, which makes the post much more meaningful.
    Good one.