Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Have you ever done something that you wish you haden't done? It seemed like the best thing to do at the time, but there were certain consequences that you didn't predict would happen that just mannaged to manifest itself later. You even thought about all of the possibilities. You tried to take everything, everyone, every detail into account. Except the result you find yourself in.

You consulted everyone. Parents, friends, Rabbis, friends, faily, friends, family friends. They all understood. They all gave advice. They all agreed. They all wished you luck. They were all wrong. They were all wrong.

And now you're in a sittuation that you don't want to be in. Don't get yourself wrong, there are certainly things that you don't want to go back on, but there are certain things that worry you. And it's those things that weigh down in your mind, like a trash compactor to a junked car. It just keeps pushing. And pushing. And no matter how hard you try to resolve the issue, it just keeps pushing harder. You know eventually it will be resolved, but for now, nothing else occupies your mind. Not your school, not your job, not the aforementioned people in your life. None of it matters until you figure out how to fix it.

Know what I'm talking about?


  1. I can't really say I do. I have lots of regrets but usually they're b/c I didn't listen to friends or family's advice. Aside from that difference, I've been there quite a bit recently.

  2. Jug: Want to call my parents and tell them that? JK, usually they believe that. Thanks, and good luck with whatever is bothering you.

  3. BJG & JH, You're both good guys

  4. I know what you're talking about. Seems like a really tough situation. My solution to regret is to pray for clarity, do some introspection, and see if you can "resolve" any of the issues bothering you. Obviously a lot easier said than done. G'luck, Jug!

  5. When someone does something they shouldn't have done they should only regret enough to resolve not to make the same mistake again. Anything above and beyond is just going to be counter productive.
    Just relax! Be actively positive.

  6. I can empathize A LOT.

    I won't go into specific details, but I went through something like this last year because I didn't listen to a few important people who care about me a lot. I thought I could rise above the issues that I was confronted with (and warned about), be dan lekaf zechus, and really failed miserably. The whole feeling of being increasingly trapped and cornered was my own reality and I was only able to free myself when I finally listened to those voices of concern that I had stored away in my mind and kept whispering to me the entire time.

    The resolution was difficult, but conclusive, and life since then has ended up being much happier because of it. I learned A LOT from the experience, but wish I had not had to go through it to do so.

  7. Thanks for your support, everyone. Just to let everyone know, the issue has been about 95% solved. I won't know everything until next week, but for now, I think I'm ok.