Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scary Man

Today's PITYI is the Scary Man. You might remember this guy from your younger years, as he generally terrorizes the younger members of the congragation. This is the guy that basically hates kids. No matter what a child does, he is met with a disgusted face from the Scary Man. The expression is usually the same regardless of the transgression committed. He is generally a large and intimidating force that no child wants to mess with. No adult, either.

For instance, a child could be yelled at for eating his or her kiddush chullent on the staircase, preventing others from using the staircase. Or, that same child can be yelled at for taking three steps back during Shemonah Esrei into another person. Although the second example can happen to anyone, when a child does it, the Scary Man seems to be more sensitive to it.

I would like to share a story about the Scary Man from the shul I used to attend as a child. The boys in our shul had the minhag of of going upstairs during the Rabbi's speech on Friday Night and playing "bottle cap soccer." Bottle Cap Soccer was played by having the 25 or so boys divide into two teams and attempt to kick a bottle cap accross a long hallway into the opponents "goal." The goals were the two doorways on either side of the hallway. Seeing as the hall was directly above where the Rabbi was speaking, we tended to create much noise from our game.

One such Shabbos, the Scary Man came to pay us a visit to politely request that we stop. Of course, his way of asking politely included him punching one of our goals and seeing the dust from the aforementioned goals rise out of it not unlike the dust from Nagasaki. We all ran in terror. (duh)

This is just one of the many stories about the Scary Man from my shul. Maybe more another time.


  1. I live next door to that guy. Strangely he's not scary or mean anymore. I don't know if it's b/c I got older or b/c he did.