Friday, March 19, 2010

The System

So I've had the following post in the works for a while, and once I read this post by BJG combined with the comments on a certain quiz of mine, I decided that it was time to take more action.

We all know that the basis people have for setting up their friends can be a little shall we say moronic? But I have a friend who has to take the cake. He has a system (don't we all?) where he rates guys and girls. He has five basic categories (in no particular order):

Down to Earthness

Not a bad starting point, although they are all a bit stale. But a genuinely solid place to start. However, here is where the "system" goes downhill. He rates you in each category and you receive one point for every category in which he deems you have a positive outlook. For instance, if you are solid in your own hashkafa, have a great personality, down to earth and are fairly bright, but you look like Voldermort when he was attached to the back of Professor Quirrell's head,* you get a four. He then pairs fives with fives, fours with fours, etc.

Now I don't have to tell you the endless amount of problems I have with this. I don't really have the time or the patients to go through all of the idiotic issues this "system" presents. I will just tell you that I have been a victim of this system. In fact, it was this guy (and his "system")who had set me up on my first ever date. Let's just say that the only similarities that we possessed
were our numbers.**

Surprisingly, this guy has a success rate of 0 for life (and guys just keep on going out with the girls he suggests), and I don't see this trend ever stopping. I am curious if anyone else has any worse examples of a person with a "system" because this one is the worst that I have seen.

*only with less sex appeal
** I am assuming a five


  1. Yep, that's a pretty cruddy system. Especially because it's so subjective.

    and LOL and the ** part.

  2. Erachet- I don't think that there is such a thing as too many jokes about something that begs you to joke about it. Like the iPad.

  3. I don't think that there is such a thing as too many jokes about something that begs you to joke about it.


    Also, my system is way better.