Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tie Guy

There is always one guy in every Young Israel who comes in every week with a different tie. These could be Loony-Toons-style ties (my father in the late 90s), Disney Character ties, sports teams, or any other random type of neck-wear that basically said the same thing: LOOK AT ME!!!

My favorite all-time Tie Guy was not from any shul in which I had grown up. I had visited a friend of mine in another town and his shul's Tie Guy went all out. He had a custom made tie for each week's parsha. He had them imported from from England. The ties either had some relevance to the parsha, haftora, or some obscure midrash that the guy found (because not all parshiyos are tieable).

I would like to give honorable mention to my shul's Tie Guy who had many a different ties. My favorites included the one shaped like a pizza (worn on Pesach) and the Mets and Yankees ties that were worn on the weekends of the Subway Series (based on the home team of that particular weekend).

In my experience, Tie Guys have the ability to add a more colorful experience to shul going that would exist otherwise. Among a minyan of mostly dark suits (post coming later), it was always nice to see Tweety Bird, Moses or Batman staring straight at you.

On a related note, here is a link to the Tie Guys' web site. Enjoy!


  1. How about the guy who wears smiley face ties?

  2. Our shul has a guy who wears a Parsha-related tie each Shabbos. He switches in middle if it's a double parsha, and may even have for each of the special parshiyos.

  3. AEF- That's just weird.

    Ezzie- That's awesome!

    Sefardi Gal- I own an American themed tie, a few cartoonish ties and an Albert Einstein tie.

  4. Funny post!

    I want to see these custom parsha ties!

    I used to be a "tie kid" up to and a little after my bar mitzvah... still have most of them somewhere in my closet...

    I have to say I've matured since then... I'm now the "pocket square guy" in my shul.... ;)

  5. Pocket Square Guy is just a variation of Tie Guy.

  6. I'm kind of a Tie Guy. Have a big collection of interesting ties, but don't wear them on a normal shabbos. Only special events like Purim and Simchas Torah. Also when I had to wear a tie in high school on Rosh Chodesh (I prided myself on never repeating a Rosh Chodesh tie all year).

  7. Pocket Square Guy is a bit different though... in theory at least.
    You know that Tie Guy has a sense of humor (but it will probably be corny) where as Pocket Square Guy might just be a GQ reader... like Skinny Tie Guy, another category....

    And let's not forget Cufflinks! There are those with the flashy gold/diamond ones.... and then there are people like me who have The Flash (the superhero's logo, just ordered them actually...)

  8. Jughead - I feel like you're so the type to be a tie guy. :P

    Ezzie's the type to be a candy man. But secretly.

  9. StupidInventor- There is actually a separate person I will be writing about called Mr. Fashion, but he won't appear until a later post.

    Erachet- I used to be somewhat of a Tie Guy. Portrayal of Ezzie is accurate.

  10. Jughead's Hat - I look forward to discussing that one, lol.

    Btw, did you get a chance to see the MOCCA Exhibit on Archie Comics? It's no longer being show, but they had a whole display of Archie memorabilia... apparently they once sold a real life version of Jughead's hat! I want one!

  11. NO! I didn't. You want one? I need one!

  12. Yeah, this is what it looks like:

    I can't find it anywhere though... :(