Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In the past I have written about how I value friends. Today, I would like to write about one in particular. You have all heard about the guy who will do anything for a person. Well, this guy (who will now be know as Carp) goes well above and beyond the call of a true friend.

Take for example what happened today. I was leaving work in the downpour here in New York. I had no umbrella, raincoat, hat or any other protective wear. I asked around if anyone had anything to lend me. Carp did. He gave me what he called an "extra" umbrella. Later on, I received a text that Carp was walking to his car in his davening jacket. He had lent me his only umbrella. The irony is that I only needed it to walk to and from my car as well.

This wasn't the most amazing thing he has done for me in the last few months either. If you live in or around New York (or in Baltimore where it was worse), you can remember the absolutely insane blizzard we had this winter. Well, that night I attended a wedding in Brooklyn. I had no car available to me and even if I did, I had no intention of driving in the storm. I took the train. The subway ride was about an hour and a half from my house. The drive would have been 25 minutes. I arived at the wedding hoping to find a ride home, but knew my options were slim because most of those who drove had a full car. Carp was there and offered to drive me home. Carp lives in Brooklyn. He drove me and three others who were looking for a ride through the blizzard, back to queens.

Here's the kicker: he's not even a close friend. He doesn't consider me a really close friend, nor do I consider him one. We are just friends who would do regular friendly stuff for each other. He just considers this to be "regular friendly stuff."

Oh, and ladies, to answer your question, yes, he is single.


  1. Juggy, I think I might know this guy. :P

  2. Just curious if Carp was chosen intentionally, as in a certain group of people...

  3. The name "Carp" was chosen for a specific reason, which has nothing to do with his name or a group with which he identifies.

  4. you did answer my question :P