Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Cool Kid

So I wasn't sure which PITYI I was going to write about in honor of Pesach, but one ended up sticking out over the first days of Yom Tov.

The Cool Kid.

The Cool Kid is the teenager to which every elementary school kid looks up. There is usually a female Cool Kid and a male Cool Kid for each group respectively, but not necessarily. We all had that Cool Kid in shul to whom we looked up. My Cool Kid was actually my first Youth leader, and is now married with a number of children of his own. I still envy him.

But what makes the Cool Kid cool?

For one thing, his initials are CK. Automatic coolness, but other cool factors possessed by the CK are:

  • A teenager; usually a Sophomore or a Junior in High School.
  • A strong following; especially of kids at least 3 years younger.
  • A reputation for taking on the Scary Man.
  • Perpetually hanging out in the shul's stairwell.
  • Has an "in" with the Kiddush Committee; may be seen servin,g chullent.
  • May lead a youth group such as "Junior Congregation," "Pirchei" or other youth activites, but will always do it lazily.
  • Does not daven with his/her father/mother; rather attends the hashkama minyan.
I was reminded of this PITYI because the most recent one in my shul returned from Eretz Yisrael for Pesach. He didn't miss a beatas the Cool Kid, but was surprised to learn that nobody had taken his spot. He went right back to wowing his audience with tails of adventure from the Middle East.

If you believe yourself to be a Cool kid and are looking for some impressionable, young minds to corrupt, there is a vacancy at your position in my shul. Boys and girls younger than 15 or older than 18 need not apply.


  1. What about Cool Kid Emeritus.
    He used to be the Cool Kid but then he left town to Yeshiva. He comes back every once in awhile usually for yomim tovim and relives the glory.
    He was current Cool Kid's Cool Kid.

  2. Maybe, but I feel like there is no Emeritus for different positions. Emeritus status is reserved for Rabbi's alone. Once you have finished your duty at your position, you move on and allow a new generation to exist unto themselves. It's the same for the Scary Man. At some point, kids won't fear him any more. There is no Scary man Emeritus.