Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enough is Enough

Is there anything more anticlimactic than the last two days of Pesach? I mean, there really should be some more oomph to it. Think about it. On Succos, the last few days are heavily anticipated. There's Hoshana Rabah, Shmini Atzeres and we end off with the huge bang of Simchas Torah. Shavuos is two days, so there is no real let down. But it just seems that by the last few days of Pesach, we just seem to be thinking "can we just get this over with already?"

Even the shiurim change. All of the between mincha and ma'ariv speeches were about s'firah; its halachos, origin, etc. I get it. Those things are very important, but it is still Pesach! Why are we overlooking that fact?

I don't know a solution, but Pesach should not be over before it's over. There should be some sort of minhag on the second days that people should look forward to; something grander than davening Az Yashir out loud in a sing-song, responsive way. It's nice and all, but not something I look forward to.

I have a proposition. It will be the crowning moment of Pesach if on the eighth day, after mincha, everyone in the town will gather in some predetermined location and light a fire (sort of like we did before Pesach) and all together throw their unfinished macaroons into the fire. Then we could have a kumzitz and not have to look at a macaroon again for another year. I would then look forward to the last days of Pesach, because as of now, the last two days are just the only thing between me and and everything bagel with an egg, cheese and fried onion omelet.


  1. I know what you mean. I'd say that you have to do something on a personal level, since that's more realistic than getting our whole nation to "make something" to look forward to.

  2. Proud to say I avoided macaroons altogether this holiday.

    ...did I miss the point?

  3. pst- true, but Ne'ilas HaChag is not enough to get me excited for the last days of Yom Tov. It's nice, but not much.

  4. And BTW juggy, a bagel with egg and cheese?? That should be illegal.
    The Pesach "break fast" rule is pizza or pasta!

  5. Macaroons never step foot in my house. :D