Monday, April 12, 2010

NYPD - A Work in Progress

Today I got pulled over by a cop. Before I continue, I would like to confess that I was guilty as sin. I disobeyed the amazingly logical law of New York State - one of the ten states with such a law - but a law nonetheless - one that I violated - outright - no excuses.

Here's what happened: I was driving my mini van (the same mini van I have been driving for three years) in Queens (the same Queens I have lived in for said three years (and then some)). Of course, I hear and see the dreaded Lights and Sirens of Doom. I look at my chest where my seat belt was. I look in my hand where my cell phone was not. I look at my speedometer to see that I was well below the limit (was that the problem?) of a normal street.

He asked to see my license, registration and proof of insurance, which I handed over.

"Sir, I pulled you over because it's illegal in New York State to drive a car with tinted windows."

"Oh," I responded.

"Sir, are you aware that this is illegal," he asked as the steady line of unlicensed, unregistered illegal immigrant drivers sped past us, hoping that the police officers wouldn't see them stashing the heroine into the barrels of their assault rifles with the hand that wasn't holding the half-full bottle of Colt 45 (not that I'm bitter).

"No, I have been driving this car for three years, and it's a 2001 model so it has been on the road for 10 years."

"Yeah, well it's legal to have these in 90% of the states, but not in New York."

It turns out that he was right, I know this because when I told my father what happened, he was as shocked as I was, but in a more - let's call it 'colorful' - way. When he was done being colorful, he called the local precinct to be colorful with them as well, and he found out that the officer was, in fact correct, and that other officers until now were ignoring it, i.e. not bored enough, i.e. did not need to fill their WORD HAS BEEN REMOVED BY NYPD.* Did I ever mention how much I love New York?

In the end, all we need to do is take off the tint (it peels right off) and then take the van down to the precinct and have a little show and tell. Then we get the ticket off. I plan on coming with a tarp so I can cover the van until the right moment and then unveil the illegality-free mini van! Wish me luck.

*Motto: "Ignoring the 5th amendment one blog at a time."


  1. Oh man, that's annoying. But hey, at least you get the "ticket off"...that doesn't happen in most cases.
    Juggy, I so didn't picture you to be a Queens or Long Island guy. I was thinking a Joisy (Jersey) Dude.

  2. No way! I am not nor will I ever be a "Joisy Dude."

  3. Obviously. You said you're a Queenser. :P

  4. I did not know that at all! But what about government cars that have tinted windows to ferry around politicians?

  5. the apple- You mean to tell me that there are different rules for the lawmakers themselves? I never would have thought of such a thing!

    The first thing the cop did after driving away was run a red light.

  6. tinted windows on a minivan, you're a gangsta!

  7. My brother got a ticket for the same thing in Queens! So far, he hasn't removed the tinted windows and it's been over 2 years.
    The only way you can legally have tinted windows in NY is to prove you have a medical condition that is affected by the sun. (Or if you're a politician who is of course above the rules.)

  8. NYC Girl- What did your brother do about the ticket?