Thursday, May 13, 2010

David Horowitz

In a recent panel discussion in UC San Diego, David Horowitz received a question from a Muslim woman regarding one of his pamphlets.

The first thing that jumps out at me from this clip is that UC San Diego has an annual Hitler Youth Day. That is disturbing enough, but the fact that it's being promoted by a Muslim student organization really irks me. I know that the Nazis were allies with the Arabs during WWII, but I didn't think that Muslims believed that it would remain that way once Hitler was through with using them. He would have turned on them once they had served their purpose.

The second thing is that this girl thought that she would be arrested for verbally backing Hamas. I wish. But she does have a point. Once the US government has a suspicion that someone could be linked to terrorism, they could monitor him or her. I'm glad of that. And if this administration still considers Hamas a terrorist organization, she should be expected to be followed now.

I was a little annoyed that Horowitz didn't answer the question he was asked. Yes, I know he said that the rules of the Q&A were that the participants ask their questions and sit down, but he did gracefully direct the question and the ensuing conversation in the direction he wanted it to go. Once he had exhausted his attack, he didn't even bother to address the question that was asked.

It bothers me and worries me that there are people who openly believe that they hope that the Jewish people will gather in Israel so it will be easier to track us down. I hate the fact that this is allowed to happen without a major uproar from the Jewish community. If this was an attack on the black community, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be out in San Diego right now, urging the University to expel this student, who wisely gave her name for the internet to know who she is. But alas, it was against the Jewish people who are apparently not allowed to complain about such things. Maybe we should just hand out pamphlets.

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  1. She's afraid to simply say that she supports Hamas, but she's not afraid to say that she would like to eliminate all Jews from the world?!
    Also, if she supports jihad (as her wanting to kill Jews might imply), why did she come up to challenge Horowitz's assertion that the MSA (I'm guessing this is the Muslim Students' Association) supports jihad? This video makes little sense.