Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mincha Meyhem

My travels took me back to my old high school for Mincha this past Shabbos. If there's is one thing I hate about returning to places that i haven't been in a while, it's repeating the same thing over and over and over again to a bunch of people who I haven't seen for months and won't see again.

They ask me what I am doing now- college, work, etc. and it's not as if they care; they are just trying to make conversation. But here's the problem:


If you want to catch up with me, call me, come to my home, find me on the street. DON'T TALK TO ME DURING DAVENING!

I try to brush such people off when they ask me how things are doing with a simple "you know, same ol' same ol.'" But they respond with "what was that again?" I don't want to have to go through with each person where I'm up to in college, how my job is treating me, where I am learning, how my dating life is (for some reason it's their business). I came to daven at the most convenient minyan available. Clearly, it inconvenienced me more than I thought it would.

Note to anyone who goes to shul: Please daven. It's what you came for, not to catch up with people. If you want to talk, don't talk to me.


  1. when people who you see once every few years pop up all of a sudden, i find it a waste of time to talk to them. pretty much they ask you what you are doing these days and blah blah but they don't actually care and not only that as soon as you both walk away you forget what the other guy said. My parents seem to disagree with me on this and keep telling me its just polite but i think its a waste of breathe.

  2. SG- I am so not intimidating.

    Michel- I agree with you, but I end up following your parents.

  3. In yeshiva, after coming back from bein hazmanim, often the guys will go over to each other and ask "how was your yom tov", "what did you do over chol hamoed", "you were home or in a hotel", "what time did you finish your seder" etc and it can get very annoying/ cause tremendous bitul torah. So a guy once wrote down on note cards every possible answer to any question and put them next to his seat and anyone who came over while he was learning, he would just point to the cards and continue learning.

  4. SG, if he would be intimidating, he wouldn't have the problem of everyone coming up to him :-)