Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Shusher

Aaah, the Shusher. One of my favorite people in the Young Israel. The Shusher has made it his (or her) responsibility to make sure that the Shul remains quiet during davening.

Here's the thing (that I am sure most of you can figure out): The Shusher tends to make more noise and be more disruptive than the people that he or she is trying to shush. I tend to be able to tune out random mumblings of dialogue from my neighbors, particularly because they are speaking on the same decibel level as the davening mumblers. It is quite easy to tune them out. The Shusher, on the other hand, is impossibly annoying to keep out of my head. While the Shusher believes to be doing a service for the shul, he or she tends to be the most annoying, noise producing, impossible to reason with member of the shul.

Case in point.

In one of the "Young Israels" I frequent, the Shusher is on the other side of the mechitza and generally pokes her head out from behind the curtain and proceeds to do her shushing duties quite superciliously. One guy who sits near me had enough of this and began to shush her for shushing too loudly. This sparked a nice war in the shul.

There is a Shusher in another "Young Israel" I frequent that I don't like, partially because of his arrogance, partially because of his confrontational attitude, partially because of his perpetuity to be wrong in his accusations. I have been the victim countless times of being falsely ridiculed by this particular Shusher. There have been many times when I have seen him talking during davening, and just wanted to go ever to him and shush him. I have yet to muster the courage, but I know there will be more opportunities.

For the time being, don't be a Shusher. Don't be the cause for a Shusher to do what he does. Come to a shul and daven.

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  1. I love shushers. Except when people don't shush as a result of all the shushing.