Monday, May 17, 2010

The Story that Just Won't Go Away

Well, if you remember from a few weeks ago, I got a ticket. No, it wasn't for speeding or talking on the phone or smuggling in illegal aliens. It was for having tinted windows. Now, tinted windows are legal in most states and it is an extremely minor offense. In fact, it was supposed to be quite easy to get rid of this offense simply by removing the tint and showing the officer who issued the ticket (which I have already done, and have a signed document from said officer).

Supposed to be.

This weekend, I received a letter from the good ol' DMV saying that I now have a court date in August. I must come to this court date and argue that I should be exonerated of all agressions against a police officer (not a cop) who has already agreed with me. Oh, and if I don't show up, I lose my license.

There is one alternative. I could simply pay the $90 ticket and not have to go to court. I love how money solves everything.

Oh, and of course, I will be away in August. So on Friday I must go down to the DMV and find out if there is a way of switching the date or having someone else go for me or burning it down. Wish me luck.