Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quote of the Month - September

"Winning isn't everything, but losing sure is nothing." -Jim Marshal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trading Up

Last night, I traded in all of my Dave and Buster's points that I have been accumulating for the last two or three years. Abandoning my ambitions of going for the crock pot (I was still only about half way there), I made a first time purchase for myself. I got for the low, low price of 7300 tickets... drum roll please... a Motorola Blue Tooth headset! Yay!

I would like to thank all those who came with me to D&B and didn't spend all of the tickets we won on teddy bears that you would probably have had to throw away once we stopped going out or on shot glasses that you ended up giving to your brother who was going to Israel (he could use it). I would list you all by name, but I don't want to insult anybody by leaving them out.

Now, off to get thoroughly confused by Blue Tooth.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Song Survey

Okay, now that Jellybean is getting married, and her neither she, nor her chosson know anything about music or bands so much of that has fallen to me. I am currently going over song lists and was thinking about all of those bad songs that are played at weddings.

Now by bad, I don't mean songs that are terrible for dancing, because generally all wedding songs are pretty dancable. I'm talking about overplayed wedding songs. These may be songs that were at one point good, but somehow the wedding bands didn't get the memo that we are sick of them. For me, one song that clearly stands out is "Hentelach." (I also don't like this song because it tells you how to dance to it.) This is the type of song that gets eye-rolls whenever the band starts to play it, as if to say "again? Really?"

Another category of 'bad songs' is Extreme Yeshivish. The classic EY song is "L'ma'alah." Extreme Yeshivish songs cannot be sung without a Yeshivish accent. Now, let me be clear about one thing. I am not here to rip all of these songs. I am here to find people's opinions on these and similar songs for weddings.

There are positive aspects to this survey as well. I am looking for good songs that aren't normally played. One good example (although it is rising in popularity) is MBD's "B'inyan Hasimcha." I have not heard this song at more than a handful of weddings.

So there you have it. I am asking for your help, and although there have been many surveys about songs in the past, none of them, to my knowledge, will give me an easy blog post. Here's what I'm asking:

Three Categories:
1) Overplayed wedding songs
2) Yeshivish wedding songs
3) Under-appreciated songs

Please note: you are not limited to dancing music. If you have have a heavy interest to stick your head through a wall the next time a kallah walks down to "V'zakeini," or go all Van Gogh on yourself when they play "Anavim" during dinner, by all means, let me know. You may comment below or email me at jugheads_hat[at]yahoo.com

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ten Things I Noticed From Rosh Hashana this Year

1) Although you can technically shower on Yom Tov, people feel really awkward doing so.

2) There is something invigorating about not having a phone for three days.

3) Rabbis have to speak longer to make sure not to arrive at shofar blowing earlier than was listed in the bulletin

4) It's only Tishrei and plans for Purim have already begun.

5) I will never understand why we eat carrots on Rosh Hashana.

6) There is a lot more free time on Rosh Hashana than people plan for.

7) People will always find something to complain about regardless of when Rosh Hashana falls out.

8) The further away from Yeshiva I get, the shorter my Sh'moneh Esreh becomes.

9) People LOVE letting everyong else know that they remembered that you're supposed to say zachreinu l'chaim, mi chamocha, hamelech hakadosh, etc.

10) The Birnbaum Machzor ends in 2011.