Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ten Things I Noticed From Rosh Hashana this Year

1) Although you can technically shower on Yom Tov, people feel really awkward doing so.

2) There is something invigorating about not having a phone for three days.

3) Rabbis have to speak longer to make sure not to arrive at shofar blowing earlier than was listed in the bulletin

4) It's only Tishrei and plans for Purim have already begun.

5) I will never understand why we eat carrots on Rosh Hashana.

6) There is a lot more free time on Rosh Hashana than people plan for.

7) People will always find something to complain about regardless of when Rosh Hashana falls out.

8) The further away from Yeshiva I get, the shorter my Sh'moneh Esreh becomes.

9) People LOVE letting everyong else know that they remembered that you're supposed to say zachreinu l'chaim, mi chamocha, hamelech hakadosh, etc.

10) The Birnbaum Machzor ends in 2011.


  1. Nice list. I took 2 showers with full comfort and confidence.

  2. What is the source for 'technically' being allowed to shower on yom tov?