Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Song Survey

Okay, now that Jellybean is getting married, and her neither she, nor her chosson know anything about music or bands so much of that has fallen to me. I am currently going over song lists and was thinking about all of those bad songs that are played at weddings.

Now by bad, I don't mean songs that are terrible for dancing, because generally all wedding songs are pretty dancable. I'm talking about overplayed wedding songs. These may be songs that were at one point good, but somehow the wedding bands didn't get the memo that we are sick of them. For me, one song that clearly stands out is "Hentelach." (I also don't like this song because it tells you how to dance to it.) This is the type of song that gets eye-rolls whenever the band starts to play it, as if to say "again? Really?"

Another category of 'bad songs' is Extreme Yeshivish. The classic EY song is "L'ma'alah." Extreme Yeshivish songs cannot be sung without a Yeshivish accent. Now, let me be clear about one thing. I am not here to rip all of these songs. I am here to find people's opinions on these and similar songs for weddings.

There are positive aspects to this survey as well. I am looking for good songs that aren't normally played. One good example (although it is rising in popularity) is MBD's "B'inyan Hasimcha." I have not heard this song at more than a handful of weddings.

So there you have it. I am asking for your help, and although there have been many surveys about songs in the past, none of them, to my knowledge, will give me an easy blog post. Here's what I'm asking:

Three Categories:
1) Overplayed wedding songs
2) Yeshivish wedding songs
3) Under-appreciated songs

Please note: you are not limited to dancing music. If you have have a heavy interest to stick your head through a wall the next time a kallah walks down to "V'zakeini," or go all Van Gogh on yourself when they play "Anavim" during dinner, by all means, let me know. You may comment below or email me at jugheads_hat[at]yahoo.com


  1. Di you think about wedding fanfare? For when they walk in?

    (I personally walked down the aisle to Marvelous Middos Machine.)

  2. While many songs are overplayed, much of it is chosen by the people themselves - they simply like those songs.

    I walked down to a Simply Tsfat melody; I believe Serach did Esah Einai.

    Underappreciated: Shema Koleinu; Sharm el sheikh; plenty more but I dunno them until I hear them. (Helpful, right?! :) )

  3. Take any music album - (jewish or non-jewish)and you'll see that out of 10 songs only 2 or 3 are substantial and the rest are 'filler'.
    I think weddings are the same. Know that the band will have to play the yeshivish filler songs - but don't focus so much on the 'filler songs' like lemaalah etc. - instead just make sure that you specifically request that the band play those certain out of the ordinary personal favorites.
    In my opinion the shmorg and dinner should be classical music only(Mozart)-with 1 or 2 jewish songs stuck in like Eitan Katz's Lemancha and maybe a slow song from Shapiro Brothers (I forget which one I like)
    For the Chupah I would go with Nochi Krohn Vneekaisi - I saw that played by a chuppah once (out of town)
    Stay away from movie themes and john tesh intros for entrance songs and instead use classic rock intros like sandman or maybe something new like black eyed peas

  4. Don't give away songs you like! What if people like the idea and they become overplayed?! :P

  5. AEF- Fanfare is completely up to them

    FR Guy- I was at an in-town wedding that used V'nikaysi, and it is a sad, sad day indeed when "Enter Sandman" is considered Classic Rock. But your points on the Yeshivish stuff are well noted.

    Erachet- I wouldn't worry about that so much :P

  6. The Chosson and Kalla should make their grand entrance to Anthrax' Madhouse :-P