Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Date Planner

So apparently I have become quite the dating pro. It has gotten to the point where I have multiple people going out nightly, using a date that I planned for them. This week alone, I have created six different dates; two dates for the same couple. It turns out that I have dated enough girls varying in hashkafa and lengths of time so that no matter where in the relationship a couple might be holding and no matter their backgrounds, I have most likely been there already and have at least one (usually more)place to suggest.

Here are just a few of the criteria that go into choosing a date spot for other people:

  • where the guy is from
  • where the girl is from
  • what number date is it
  • how long in between dates has it been
  • where the has couple gone so far
  • what were the last three dates
  • what they are in the mood for (i.e. quiet talk, food, fun, etc.)
  • how far of a commute
  • budget
  • (in one recent case) who is driving
  • an interest someone had professed during a previous date
  • time of day
  • time of year
And there can be many more. Now I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this what every guy does when he makes a date for himself? Yes. Exactly. Except I’m not him. I simply plan a date – not based on what I would do next – but on what HE would do next.

If you are a guy that is having trouble coming up with an inexpensive date or you’re a girl who’s
desperately looking to have fun with that nice guy who just doesn’t seem to have a personality, send me an email at jugheads_hat[at]yahoo[dot]com.

So why aren’t I married yet if I am such a good date planner? Well, that’s a story for like fifty more posts. Or just read the posts I’ve already written. That should give you some idea.

For your conveniance, I have put together a handy Date Planner form to fill out. If you are interested in filling one out, please email me for a copy of the form.


  1. Sounds good, but that only works if you answer your emails.

  2. pretty interesting indeed. After hearing some very inept dating stories from female relatives of mine, I think that some guys definitely need a date planner to avoid any further embarrassment.

  3. Shades- interested in staring a "date planner" website?