Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simchas Torah Song Guy

I haven't done a PiTYI in a while, so here's one that I noticed over Simchas Torah that every Young Israel needs to possess: The Simchas Torah Song Guy.

Easily recognizable by his sheet of paper or index card that dates back to the Renaissance, th STSG controls the hakafos in a well organized manner. The songs written on this paper are generally so over done that they almost make fellow shul-goers want to sit through a flight attendant safety demonstration.

The one thing not written on that card is the key in which to begin those songs. This is planned perfectly so that by the time the fourth hakafa is reached, nobody has a voice left and Ain Adir is barely audible.

Our STSG is also responsible for making sure that eventually the Sifrei Torah do go back into the Aron Kodesh so we don't sing S'u Shearim until Thanksgiving. That can get to be a little touchy as (of course) the Sifrei Torah always tend end up in the hands of those who don't really want to give them back when they are asked to. To combat this problem, our STSG shrewdly raises the key. This way, when nobody can reach the highest note, the song dies.


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