Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, I did it! I got engaged. Popped the question last night to the greatest girl in the world, Erachet. No, it was not a blog-mance. We knew each other before we knew about each other's blogs.
For the last eight months, I have had the time of my life, being able to spend as much time as I could with the most amazing person in the world. Now, I get to extend those eight months into a lifetime. I don't know how to continue this post without being too nauseating, so you'll just have to suffer.
I never fully understood Lilly's line from "How I Met Your Mother" about relationships until I began to experience it: "Okay, I know that stuff looks dumb from the outside, but it's kinda the greatest thing in the world when you're a part of it." Not only can I no longer imagine not being part of a couple, but there is nobody in the world with whom I can imagine being part of a couple. And of course, there is nobody who can make me smile like she can.
Erachet, I love you, and I hope to give you everything I possibly can. Thank you for being my voice of reason.
Okay, enough mushyness. There are others who I need to thank, like Serach and Ezzie, Special Ed and The Apple for their roles in this relationship, as well as many other bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Let the countdown to the wedding begin!


  1. Mazel Tov, Jughead! Download a great desktop countdown here:

    You can customize it with your picture, too!


    May you and the Ratchet have many happy posts together.

  2. whoa! Mazel Tov. I guess the trend of shidduch bloggers getting engaged and married continues!

  3. and by that I meant not that two bloggers get engaged/married, but multiple singular bloggers who wrote about dating/shidduchim, end up getting engaged, thereby shifting perspective from single and looking to taken. If that wasn't clear :)

    PS - Good luck with the wedding prep, you're gonna need it. Let the parents do as much as they want/can. You and Erachet just stay cool and above all the craziness that is about to fall from the sky.

  4. WHAT!? i get no mention for the role I played? all those interfering in your late friday night shmoozing and pretending not to know doesnt count?

    well then again, interfering does not count as helping the relationship...

  5. Congrats! I wondered when you'd finally get around to it.

  6. Oh, that was directed at Erachet, not you, Jughead. Didn't know it was you, just knew it's been going on forever. :-P

  7. bad4- no hard feelings. Thanks for the post!
    SG- Thanks a lot!

  8. Mazel Tov!

    I wish I could've been behind the scenes - 1 week earlier and I could've been there.

    I guess this calls for another vort.