Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jelly Bean's Wedding Part II

As the chupah started, the snow was coming down at a fairly intense pace. In fact, the as the guy singing Im Eshkochech hit the high note, the roof of the chupah fell down from the snow (luckily it hit nobody).
After the chupah, three wedding guests left for another wedding (yes, I know - crazy). We will call them Ted, Lilly and Robin. They ended up on another highway, in a...wait for it...snow bank! That seemed to be the trend of the evening. However, Hatzalah was unable to reach them. They stayed stranded in the car until 5:30 AM!
At that time a police car pulled up along side and was able to get them out. The officer had a conversation with Marshal, who was driving. He told him that he should stay with the car, to which Marshal replied "arrest me." He didn't, but did get them home somehow. From what I understand from Robin's family, she didn't even go to sleep right away. Also, from what I understand, they still have not gotten the car back yet. Jusy another exciting adventure. Stay tuned...


  1. Wow. Chuppah collapsing? That's crazy.

    One thing's for sure...Jelly bean + Mr. Bean will have a lot of stories to share with their kiddos!

  2. Who in their right mind would continue a chuppah outside WHILE it was snowing? Especially considering the known reports of how severe the snow was going to get in the first place. There's no reason to make everyone freeze to death in that situation.

  3. Shades of Grey - the chuppah was not outside. It was under a skylight!

  4. The police took Marshal, Lily and Robin to a rent-by-the-hour motel. Later, the boyfriend of one of Marshal and Lily's household help came with his truck and picked them up. Robin got home around 11:30.

    Lesson: Ashkenaz, shmashkenaz. Jews are a desert people at heart, and are helpless in the snow.

    ~Robin's daughter

  5. Sefardi Gal- Great name. I was wondering what to call him. Mr. Bean it is.

    Shades- Erachet is correct.

    Anon- Thanks for the update!