Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jelly Bean's Wedding Part III

After grappling with the idea of which story to do next, I have decided to tell you my story. what happened to Jughead's Hat the night of the storm? I'm glad you asked.
Let me preface this by saying that I got to the hall as the snow began. This was at a time when there was actual parking available without having to use the valet (I hate valets - I never use them). Additionally, Mr. Jones had run to the Home Depot the morning before the wedding to purchase a shovel for every car - smart man. The only foresight I had was to pack an extra change of clothing (this will come into play later as well). So, when I arrived at my car at the end of the wedding, it only took about 15 minutes to dig it out.
So, when I said that I had a car, what I really meant was that I had a minivan. Why is this important? Well, when you have room for seven in a snowstorm, you fit as many as need to be fit. I got six. This included myself and Erachet, Hotdog, Hamburger, and my grandparents (who have yet to be given a name - suggestions?).
Now in what should normally be a half hour - 45 minute drive, I have to say was moving quite well for the first 10 minutes. I mean, it was snowing heavily outside. So taking that into consideration, I thought things were moving quite well. This, of course, excludes the fact that my grandfather is a retired New York cab driver, who obviously knows the roads better than anyone else in the car. So once I informed him that I was quite familiar with the highway system of New York, he let me drive in peace. (If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you, but you'll have to ask my grandfather directions of how to get there. Eventually, he let up.)
Park. That's the position I left my car in while the city of New York shut down the BQE (also known as the Road Where Hopes and Dreams Go to Die - my rant against the BQE will be given on another occasion). So there we are, the six of us stranded in a van with my grandfather swearing under his breath, my brothers bickering in the back seat and my grandmother needing to use the bathroom. Not a bad first experience for Erachet with my grandparents.*
Additionally, I had to get out of the car every so often to clean off the windshield wipers which had snow freezing to them, making it very difficult for them to wipe anything at all. On one such occasion, I hear a honk from a car next to me. The car rolls down the window, and to my surprise, it is Mr. Bean's family from out of town. They were stuck in the same mess we were. Party on the freeway!
So now, let's get to what happens in the end. I will skip over what we did to pass the time, including having the whole car doing the YMCA. Finally at 1:00 AM, they reopened the BQE (we left the hall at 7:15). The first stop was at my grandparents' hotel. Actually, this ended up being our only stop. We had quite an ordeal getting there, seeing as I had never been there, nor could I see any street signs, nor was the GPS being all too helpful, nor were the buses that had gotten stuck in the snow being any helpful. We can combine this with my grandmother needing to use the facilities which let me tell you, is not easy for concentrating, and we end up lost multiple times all within three blocks of the hotel.
We finally get to the hotel where we need to stay because there is apparently nowhere on my block to park, nor is there anywhere in the city to park because Mayor "Third Term" Bloomberg decided not to plow anything. I wouldn't have even been able to get down my block. So we stayed in the hotel. Good thing I had brough that extra change of cloths.
Problem. There were no more rooms. All we had was the room that my grandparents had rented and the room that my aunt, uncle and cousin had rented. However, if you add our additional four people to the mix, sleeping arrangements become awkward. We divided the two rooms into boys and girls. There were only three girls, so splitting the two beds was not that big of a deal. Splitting two beds between six guys, though, is a little tougher. I got the floor. By the window. During a snowstorm. Without a blanket. Could be worse (that's for another post).
The next morning, Erachet, Hotdog, Hamburger and I decided that it was time to leave. After a group photo and a really bad breakfast of soggy muffins, we were on our way. Sort of. We had parked the previous night in an underground garage. Good news- we didn't have to dig ourselves out. Bad news- the road leading out of the garage was ice. And me without my four-wheel-drive. After several attempts at escape, and me getting out to try to pick at the ice with my shovel (thanks, Mr. Jones), my van allowed me to coerce it into getting over the icy hill, and off we were to my home.
I never made it. There had still been no plows down my block, and certainly no parking spots. We decided to drop my brothers off down the block; they went to the house and sent back a change of clothes and my tephilin with...my father! Why? Because, if you remember correctly, Mr. and Mrs. Jones had driven their car into a snow bank. So we went to find their car on the side a=of another highway and dug it out.
Following that, I drove Erachet back to home and I decided to stay in her neck of the woods for the night - mostly because I had a place to park. The next day (Tuesday for those keeping track), I went to work, and following work, I went to one of the Shev'ah B'rachos. I still had yet to be home. Following the Shev'ah B'rachos, I drove Erachet back home with Jelly bean's car, because I my van was still by Erachet's house. Finally, I made it back home Wednesday morning at about 12:30. Luckily, Wednesday Night's Shev'ah B'rachos were in Erachet's town, so we were able to pick up my van. It took until tonight to fully recover from that wedding, ut I think I am good now. Bring on the next storm. Oh, and there are still more stories.

*The number one concern of anyone who knew we were stuck was for Erachet having to be stuck with my grandparents for hours with absolutely no escape. But by and large, my grandparents were not very difficult to be with.


  1. Grandparents as a whole should be the crown jewels of jughead's hat, obviously.

  2. wow wat a read! write some more :)

  3. Hamburger and hotdog...LOL. Likin' these names!

    I'd say grandparents could be mustard and ketchup, or chrein and mayo. Or they can just be grandparents.

    If Erachet wasn't in the car with you, I'd say that sounds like major suffering. :)

  4. Note - Erachet's block was completely untouched by a plow until about Wednesday. Jughead had to park by the shul (which had some pretend parking spots next to the snow).

  5. What a story! One that will be told for generations no doubt!

  6. Considering the grandparents are Mr. Jones Parents, shouldn't they be called Grandma and Grandpa Jones?

    Jughead's mother

  7. Did you hear that they are predicting snow for this weekend as well? Erachet's brother is getting married on Sunday. Hopefully we won't have to deal with another blizzard (but knowing Erachet's family...)

    Jughead's Mother

  8. Shhh....the snow is supposed to be for Friday! :)

  9. That is pretty exciting - but what ended up happening to your hat?