Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Even Bring it Up?

There is something that I have been having trouble understanding about the whole wedding process since I have been engaged.

In the circles in which I travel, I come across three different types of daters – those who strictly get set up, those who strictly try to find someone on their own, and those who do both. (I don’t really know any arranged marriage people.)

The funny thing is that nobody cares how another person goes about dating. No “find-her-on-my-own” guy will tell me that a shidduch dater is insane for choosing that direction, and no shidduch dater will tell me that the searcher is obviously wrong. Fine.

Then why is it the exact opposite when it comes to length? In this case, there are two sets of two categories. Length of dating (short and long) and length of engagement (short and long).

If a couple decides to date for a three-week period and get married a month and a half later, the response from the longer daters and engagement period people is “how could they do that?!” “How do they even know each other!?”

Meanwhile, if a couple has a year-long dating period and then an 8 month engagement period, you are left with the faster daters complaining “what’s taking so long?” This eventually leads to “it’s about time!”

Why is that? Why is it that for all other parts of dating (what to wear, where to go, etc.) people don’t have tremendous opinion, but when it comes to length, all-of-a-sudden, everyone is an expert?

Additionally, why do people feel the need to remind those involved of how difficult it is?

“Oh, you have a long engagement? That’s too bad. I had a three month engagement and it was two and a half months too long.”


“Oh, you have a short engagement? That’s rough. You’re probably going crazy trying to put everything together in time.”

The engaged couple knows. They are experiencing it. The people involved don’t need you to remind them how stressful being engaged is. Just like the people who are dating don’t need you to remind them how stressful dating can be. You wouldn’t walk over to a guy who has been dating for several years and is really having a tough time finding a spouse, and then tell him how short your experience was, and how you dated one girl for three months and it was two and a half months too long. Why do that now?

I have been lucky enough to have a relatively stress-free engagement period. Sure there are moments, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad if people wouldn't constantly be telling me how difficult it's supposed to be.

I don't understand why people feel the need to be the reminder of stress. If someone can explain the infatuation with it, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bowled Over

Those who know me know that I am a commercial nut. I love talking about them, analyzing them and ripping on them. So it should come as no surprise that the Superbowl is quite a day for me. It’s a day dedicated to the advertising industry. And the NFL. If the Giants aren’t in it, I am firmly planted to my seat during the ads and getting food and using the bathroom during the game. So it came as a huge blow that I had a wedding this past Sunday Night, and unable to watch much of the game and my beloved commercials.

Finally, last night I had the opportunity to sit down and see the 30-second works of art. I saw all of the highly-rated commercials, like the Darth Vader Kid and the Doritos Dog; the ones that everyone at work was talking about the next day. But I have to tell you, my hands-down winner of the evening was Motorola with their slap in the face to Apple with this ad:

For those of you who don’t know why this is a major slap in the face, let me lay it out there for you.

Firstly, for years, Apple has been trying to play the underdog card against Microsoft. It’s always been a bit whiny to me (kinda like the Red Sox whining about being unable to spend like the Yankees). Motorola now points out how EVERYONE uses Apple products (Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.) and they are now what they claimed to be fighting all these years.

However, the more amazing part of this dig on Apple is the resemblance this commercial has to Apple’s own 1984 (no coincidence) commercial, which after the Mean Joe Green Coca Cola spot, may be the most famous Superbowl commercial of all time:

So while Verizon used the iPhone to rip AT&T, Motorola had the hands down best spin on a product this year. Apple has become the company that they have always vowed to hate. It is time we rise up against the evil empire that is Apple and make the switch back over to everything PC. For now, I am the only one who owns a Zune.

Side Note

Every year people go away from the Superbowl thinking that the previous year had better commercials. I distinctly remember thinking the opposite of that last year. This year it is true. Looking forward to better ones next year.

Jughead’s Hat’s Top 10 Superbowl Commercials (2011)

10) Bridgestone - Carma

9) Doritos - House Sitting

8) CarMax Gas Station

7) - Go First

6) Verizon iPhone

5) Pepsi Max - First Date

4) NFL - Superbowl Celebration

3) Doritos - Pug Attack

2) Volkswagen - The Force

1) Motorola - Empower the People