Monday, April 11, 2011

Shower Power

Yesterday was Erachet’s shower. Thursday Night, I spent an hour answering questions about her so that her friends can derive some sort of enjoyment out seeing me be completely wrong about her or extremely jealous that I know so much about her.

Either way, I do find it weird. I understand why it is forced upon the guy to reveal his knowledge (or lack thereof) about the girl – because the friends for some reason want to know. But why aren’t the girls required to answer similar questions about the guy.

Why isn’t SHE asked what HE wore on the first date? What are his favorite restaurants, foods and colors? Why don’t they ask the girls frivolous questions like what the guy’s favorite football team is?

I have come up with two possible answers for this. The guy’s friends don’t care, and the girl always knows the guy well. Let’s take them one at a time.

A guy’s friends don’t care

Obviously, there is more of an interest among the girls to see how well their friend did in the manmarket than guys who want to see who’s going to be cooking for them when they come over (jk lol ?). Aside from that, you run into the problem of when to show the video to the guy’s friends. The Auf Ruf seems to be out, seeing as it’s on Shabbos, and I think that such a video would seems out of the realm of normal bachelor party events (if you were to have one) .

The girl always knows the guy well

And I think this is the more pressing issue. Girls always know guys well. So doing it this way makes it into a competition; not between the couple, but between the girl and her friends, who now will need to prove that one knows their other half better than the other. It just cuts down on a lot of unneeded/unwanted stress.

Having said all of this, I think I did pretty well with my questions. Admittedly, I did not get them all right, but at least once I answered something about Erachet that she got wrong herself. A little suggestion though to all you shower-planning girls out there - ask some of those guy questions and see how well SHE does. It may turn into a competition, but hey, at least us guys will get a fair shake.


  1. I've been to showers where they asked the girl questions about the guy.

  2. Meh. It's almost 100% the former, not the latter. I'd bet that girls would do about as well as guys if not worse (primarily because guys are less likely to be memorable in the same ways). But guys really don't care. I also think that your assumption about it being a competition is completely baseless - I think girls care as little as guys, just the idea is to have some humor a la the dating game from the past in watching the couple struggle to match answers.

    Also, know how many questions I answered? 0. :) I don't even remember if Serach had a shower, which is ironic here.

  3. Note: I'm glad Erachet had a shower, because I finally ate a normal lunch on a Sunday! (And Sunday night, and Monday lunch.) :)

  4. I played this game at a family chanukah party where most of the couples were married 15+ years (some for 30 years). You'd be surprised at how many (small) details spouses don't know about their significant other.

  5. Why in the world would I care what my wife wore on our first date. And I would care even less to know if she knows what I wore on our first date. (Although it's not so hard - black suit and white shirt.)

  6. I know what my wife wore on our first date: My jacket.
    It was cold and I got major brownie points. Don't ask me what she wore on the second date, though.

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  8. At my sister-in-law's shower they quizzed her about him. She was pretty darn good too - knew his favorite Dr Seuss and toothbrush color and everything.

  9. bad4 - I must say, that is impressive.