Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, the craziness has died down from the wedding, and I finally have a second to post to my blog which has been kinda rare of late. I was thinking how life had changed since marriage, and I have compiled a list of things I have observed from the first two weeks of marriage. Here they are:

1) It’s gonna be a while before I start referring to it as “my parents’ house.”

2) “How’s married life” is a very annoying question. If you are married, you should know the answer; if not, well im yirtzah Hashem by you.

3) There is no such thing as “normal life.”

4) I get that it will take some time before I am used to the ring, but how long will it be before I stop playing with it?

5) It seems like the only way to get things done that need to be done is to be unemployed.

6) There are ALWAYS more boxes.

7) Kissing the talis strings by kriyas sh’ma is so much easier than getting your tzitzis strings ready.

8)As soon as Sheva B'rachos are over, nobody cares anymore

9) The people who used to say “wait until I you’re married” when I complained about not having time for anything now say “wait until you have kids.” (What do they say after the kids are born?)

10) How much longer until Bed Bath and Beyond installs a keilim mikveh?


  1. Can she guest post?

  2. I object to number 8.
    After all, didn't I ask you how married life is??

  3. 1) Not that long.
    2) It's mostly asked to hear stuff like this list, particularly #9 related items. :)
    3) No ****, Sherlock!
    5) Take it from an expert: a) It doesn't make it much easier. b) It has its own drawbacks. :)
    8) True, except to see your reaction to #9 related items.
    9) There's no need after that, if you don't get it by then there's no hope.

  4. After you have kids, the line is "just wait until they're older - THEN you'll see"

  5. Anon - not sure who you are or if you are joking, but she has a blog of her own

    a - haha. And what happens when they're older? "I wish they were here?"

    Ezzie - brilliant as always ;-)

  6. Amazing list. As a slightly longer married person, I have to chime in.

    1) We're quite a few months in, and I keep saying "my house" also. It's particularly hard since I still have a lot of stuff there which won't ever fit into our apartment. Plus, we're there all the time for meals - and so I can visit my beloved dog.

    2) Yes, it's annoying, but the way I dealt with it was to come up with a fun and entertaining answer, which was "All I can say right now is that the food is much better!" Which always got a laugh and I even heard guys repeat it afterwards. Feel free to use it (assuming it's true :p)

    3) Ezzie beat me to it.

    4) I was told 4 months, but I still play with it even now - though less obsessively. It has become my busy-hands tic when I've got nothing else to do with them. And I hope you know by now that you don't need to take it off when you go through airport security, which I had to learn the hard (and perhaps miraculous) way:

    5) Or be in smicha, which gave me ample time around shiurim and chevrusos.

    6) Truer words have never been said.

    7) Oh my, yes. It's so much more fun than stretching and bending over for the tzitzis katan.

    8) Yeah, mostly. It's kind of a let down. Akin to what it felt like after my bar mitzvah was over and the year-long preparation for layning and being chazan was all in the past.

    9) My parents always make nostalgic references to their lives BC - Before Kids.

    10) I'm totally with you on this one, man!